Inspir(ed)(ing) / by Brian Hildenbrand

It's a funny thing, inspiration.  We draw it from celebrities, role models, passionate stories of struggle and perseverance, but maybe most importantly we find it in our peers.  In our friends we find our most moving stories of reinvention, dedication, love and pain.  Perhaps the most crucial truth we each can take from that realization though, is that you, to someone, are an inspiration.  I don't say that in a futile attempt to boost people's confidence or fluff your egos; I say it because I know it's true. I of course find myself exceptionally blessed in this regard.  I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by such an incredibly talented, loving group of people that I'd be blind not to realize it.  I've had supportive, loving parents who've somehow found ways to reinvent their creative lives, a sister who cares for others more than I'll ever know how to, a brother who's pursued every creative outlet he happens to dream of, and friends who've built their own successful businesses after persevering for the better part of a decade, friends who've quit their lucrative jobs to find more fulfilling lives,  friends who've found themselves in dark times and found it in themselves to pull themselves out, friends who've fought cancer and refuse to do anything but love everything around them, and friends who've revamped their lives in order to travel the world doing what they love.

What I've struggled to understand through all these amazing people though, is that I, to someone, am inspiring.  I left a stable career in NYC to find a life that made me happier, and through plenty of struggles since, have continued to strive for that.  Despite my own self-judgment and criticisms, I know someone who knows me finds that admirable.  I'm writing this down and sharing it because I often forget that, and I think a lot of you probably do too.  I think realizing that we have the ability to be inspiring to other people encourages us to be better people.  So I suppose this is just a reminder: we are each inspiring, and we should take positive advantage of that.